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Tennessee Indoor Skydiving & Vertical Wind Tunnels

Pigeon Forge

  1. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
    3106 Parkway
    Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 37863
    1 (877) 293.0639
    Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
    > Located on the Parkway at Stop Light #5. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving operates a vertical wind tunnel for simulated free fall. There is an observation deck for people to watch participants, or watch members of your group. The observation platform is free anytime. Participants will go through an in-class course where they get an understanding of how to control movement in the air. Also safety and gear use is discussed. Indoor skydivers don a special suit and helmet. Groups of five enter the vertical wind tunnel at a time, and take turns body flying. They also provide training for skydiving with programs designed to improve free fall flight control skills.
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